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Welcome to the website of the ACF, (Association des Crocheteurs de France), the French Lockpickers Society !

Attention : You can pick your locks or those of a third party with his permission. To pick the lock of a third party without his permission is strongly punished by law. The French lockpickers society will report to the police services any suspicious behavior or comment.

English version of the website,
Please be aware that the english version of this website is still at draft state, that means :

  • Header menus are fully translated and lead to the english version of the articles when available, otherwise they lead to the french version.
  • If you go later to an article that is also available in english (but from a french only page), you will not be redirected to the english version of the page, you will have to ask for the english version, we are sorry for the inconvenience.
  • If you can review the translation of some pages, please do not hesitate to contact us, we would be glad to welcome you.

About the Association des Crocheteurs de France,

The French Lockpickers Society was founded by enthusiasts of non-destructive opening. This leisure activity consists of the opening of locks of all kinds, padlocks, safes and other closing systems, thanks to non-destructive techniques. To sum up, the goal is to open a lock without key.

We give a framework to those who are passionate or eager to discover this hobby and wish to go on a good basis. We encourage encounters in a friendly framework based on sharing.

Our members have access to restricted articles on our site, about special techniques used, they have to login. They also have access to a subforum on the well-known forum Locksport.

On this site,

On this site you will find documentation and articles to allow you to progress in the art of lockpicking. This article will guide you in the choice of a lockpicking kit allowing you to evolve later. You will also discover exclusive ACF videos and photos of conferences or lockpicking techniques as the society evolves.

You will also find all the dates and places of the next events and meetings in the world of French lockpicking.
The lockpicking interests you, you are passionate, do not hesitate! Come join us to share this passion and enjoy the benefits of the association and the unlimited access to the sessions in your area.


Would you like to ask us questions, share suggestions or just support us through a material donation? Do not hesitate to contact us. We continue to evolve and to feed on the initiatives and proposals of the people who meet its route.

Would you like to participate in a collective project? Create a link with other enthusiasts? Offer your skills, a bit of your time or just give a simple helping hand?

The ACF exists through those who make it move, contact us, we welcome you warmly!