First open house

Open House of May 19, 2016


ACF, but…. What’s that?

Since the beginning of this year, you have been hearing about the Association des Crocheteurs de France.
Some question the nature of this association and what it offers for its members. Well that’s it, after months of effort (see creation of the association) we offer you concrete.
We are therefore proud to be able to provide you with some answers with this report on our first open house.

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The first lockpicking room in France!

And yes, the ACF is pleased to announce the opening of the very first lockpicking room in France. The premises are generously donated to our (your!) layout by La Ressourcerie. Located at 125 rue du Chemin Vert in Paris XI, this room welcomes you and your hundreds of padlocks, cylinders and other toys throughout the year. Here you can indulge your passion in excellent conditions.
We offer documentation, initiation kits, what to make your own tools and especially the help and advice of our members.
In order to make everything even more user-friendly you can bring your drinks and small snacks and store them in a fridge. You can also order drinks at a reduced price at the bar next to the room.
At the time of writing this article we expect 2 openings per month, with the possibility of evolution according to the requests of the members.

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Back to the open house:

The inauguration of the room took place on Thursday, May 19 and the least we can say is that you were there!

The evening started at 7pm and ended at 1am for the bravest of you. We counted a total of 36 people, both regulars, as well as curious invited by their friends or who came through the Trockette. Young people, not so young, men, women, beginners but also the finest Parisian lockpickers. Among them 15 new ones who, enthusiastic after this successful evening, left us their contact details for membership and information about the association.
In short, the diversity and diversity that is so important to us.

Thanks to the generosity of our members and partners we had a multitude of toys on the tables, so everyone found their way around. Very simple for some, high security for others; cylinder, padlock, code, radial, etc. Whatever your field of predilection there was something for everyone and we were able to exchange with passion around this wonderful activity that is lockpicking.

We all had a great evening thanks to your presence and motivation. The founding members of the association have only one word to say to you: THANK YOU!

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Victims of our success. Yeeeesssss !!

To be honest, we have been victims of our success. We didn’t expect so many visitors throughout the evening. It was sometimes necessary to squeeze around the tables at the height of the event, but what better way to promote human contact?
We are still aware that this nice surprise could prove problematic so we have planned a larger room for the next open house.

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But then, how do I reach the games room?

It’s very easy! Simply contact the ACF through its website and fill out the membership form to become a member.
You will also find all the necessary information in the submenu “membership info and price list” :

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The next one?

The very principle of the open door having pleased everyone, we decided to make another one at the beginning of September to start the new season in style.

In the meantime, pick well!

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