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Newsletter February 2017

The art of lockpicking.

Very little reading to put under the tooth when you discover the thin opening! Unless you speak several languages, and again… So in our small world where theory must quickly give way to practice, the ACF offers an article as succinct as essential to grasp the basis of the fine opening to discover on our site.

The explanations are adjusted and the tone blurs the bad image of lockpicking, there is still a lot of work to be done on this side but the article contributes to the recognition of our art.

Happy reading!


When it is created, an association is assigned a code of Main Activity Exercised, called APE code; this code, mainly used for statistical purposes by INSEE, is also used to define the association according to its main activity.

However, we had been classified as an “association of representation, promotion and defense of economic interests” which of course has nothing to do as you know!

We have just succeeded in changing this APE code, we are finally recognized as a leisure association! And as our hobby is indeed an art, we can boast of being classified as an association of artists with the code: 94.99Z attributed to artists’ associations!

This is not only an important victory because through this new code it allows us to approach events much more easily with institutions, but also because this requalification confirms the success of one of our missions inscribed in our goals and objectives, namely: “To acquire recognition and legitimacy with institutions and our future members.»

A forum for artists.

It is the only French-speaking forum, open to all, that brings together enthusiasts of lockpicking techniques. By joining him you can share your progress in learning lockpicking, and take advantage of the help of members always motivated to help you in this technical and exciting hobby.

The ACF forum , which allows you to exchange with the members of the association on events, meetings, and keep you informed about the news of the association.

A simple presentation, in order to get to know each other better in this small community, and a certificate on honor give you access to more than 80% of the content of the forum very quickly. Thanks to the different levels of access, depending on your involvement, your experience and your practice, you will be able to share on ever more complex and effective techniques, both theoretically and practically.

It deals with picking, printing, keying, and all other possible and imaginable techniques to open a lock (with the permission of its owner) without destroying it. Tutorials, cylinder autopsies and feedback allow everyone to better understand locks and fine opening techniques. With training, and thanks to the advice of members and meetings organized regularly, you will be able to finely open a large number of locks, even the most difficult (paracentric, radial, microdots with several rows of pins, groove locks, pump locks …)

Sign up, it’s free, and it’s worth a visit!

Alexandre Triffault, MrJack

Loan wire.

In the coming weeks a loan system must be put in place, these loans will be in the form of parcels to priority members who do not have access to the rooms. Packages will be free and can be lent in exchange for a deposit check. Rare models and packages for all levels will be offered.

Help the association’s team get off to a good start by bringing back from one month to the next the loans made in the room.

One year already!

On February 23, 2016 we declared the official creation of the ACF, a year later the association invites its members to toast at the next meeting on the anniversary date on 23/02 from 6:30 pm!

The ACF team


April Newsletter
And yes, many of you have discovered lockpicking since the creation of the ACF, we do not necessarily realize it but we are more and more numerous to practice: the level of french lockpicking is also increasing! So to reward the most relentless, we organize on November 25, 2017 the first championship of its kind in France.
On this occasion, conferences will be held for participants of all levels and at the end of the competition, prizes will reward the best lockpickers!
The association will offer the aperitif from 3pm (ACF members) to start the event and especially for the pleasure of meeting all at the end of the year, so come in large numbers!
To organize a day like this, we absolutely need 5 volunteers, both for the reception of participants, the reception of the press, the installation of the competition and conference rooms as well as for the holding of scores and the tidying of the rooms. Volunteers will be invited to the event and will not pay admission, so whether you volunteer before the contest (2:30 pm), during the competition, during the conferences or after the event (10 pm see 10:30 pm) do not hesitate.
Private session. (ACF members only)
We are fortunate to be welcomed at the Maison des Associations of the 11th district of Paris for a private session. It opens its doors to us exceptionally because usually they do not make a room available, but for us, because they like us, we were able to get a slot from 13h to 16h30 on a Saturday of your choice. This private setting will be an opportunity for us to try on the few safes we have or simply to meet to turn rotors.
All you have to do is choose the date that suits you!
For this the easiest way is to use the association’s forum.
Do not hesitate to bring drinks because the building does not have a refreshment bar.
This niche will not happen again so let’s take advantage of it!
On the side of the universities…
We are leaving next month to discover ESIEA, and they will come to discover our hobby around a lockpicking workshop for beginners, reservations are made on their website.
See you again!
The ACF team

Newsletter June 2017

A mini-shop more mini than that:

The ACF is developing and offers you exclusively a wide range of lockpicking tools that you can find in our Parisian premises at a discounted price during our monthly sessions from June 29th :

-many picking kits,


-various bypass tools for cylinders and padlocks,

-padlocks, cylinders or locks,

-drive cylinders for radials and paracentrics,

-an endoscope,

-a game of nightingales,

-many drafts,

-a printing kit and a moulding kit,

-an adaptable Hobb’s hook,


-lots of coaches and other things…

Limited stock, first come, first served!


The association is preparing to welcome you this November 25 at 6pm for the first lockpicking contest of France followed by conferences on themes revolving around our passion.

The paid entrance is valid for the full day but the number of participants in the contest is limited, by booking now you will also help the organizers to ensure the operating costs necessary for the creation of the event.

More information on the website page!

Private session at the Maison des Associations:

The MdA invites us to enjoy their premises on Saturday, September 9 from 1pm to 4.30pm, this session will be an opportunity to show them our know-how but also that the association is very much alive. As part of this private session some safes locks will be made available.

The MdA has actively participated in the development of our association and honoring them with our presence by coming in large numbers is a good way to show them that they were right to invest time to allow us to start.

Let’s be there!

Forum of associations:

Once a year we are invited to the Forum of Associations, this meeting of the associations of the 11th arrondissement will be an opportunity to meet to crochet.

This session is ideal for beginners so take the opportunity to progress or review the basics… And of course, it’s free.

Toys of a more advanced level will not be present on the stand.

The loan thread:

To serve its members who do not have access to the rooms we set up a loan system.

Accessible from the ACF forum, packages are classified by levels and model, you can play with it for 1 month minimum and only shipping costs are at your expense.

As the ACF develops, the number of parcels will grow.

More information on our forum.

Room creations:

The ACF knows enthusiasts and has members in many regions of France, if you want to participate in a lockpicking meeting in your region contact us!

If you want to create an event contact us!

See you again!

The ACF team

A word about La Ressourcerie :

The Ressourcerie , which allows us to organize our monthly lockpicking sessions at 125 rue du Chemin Vert in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, is an ecological and citizen platform that offers a second life to objects usually thrown away. Like locks in poor condition or without keys that they give us as gifts and with which we can play for a very long time.

La Ressourcerie is much more than that, it collects, revalues and encourages reuse by reselling donations at low prices in its solidarity shop or by distributing them to various associations and initiatives. As a last resort, when rescue is impossible, it directs materials to recycling or appropriate waste management channels.
Take a look, the shop is worth a visit and there are treasures!

And the bar then?

La Trockette is an associative bar adjacent to La Ressourcerie that runs different workshops each week, for adults and children, related to “do-it-yourself” and recovery. Customize your clothes, repair your bike, make natural cleaning products or learn to cook and find clever solutions to limit food waste… But also concerts, exhibitions, workshops or shows and at the beginning of the school year maybe a small conference on bypass techniques!

And all this while tasting regional beers and organic fruit juices. In addition, by joining the Petite Rockette, you benefit from a preferential rate on all your consumption!

A more than generous promo!

Concerned about our well-being and so that everyone can have fun, our partner “OFC” includes all brass and nickel-plated brass paracentric blanks in our promo code!
These 10 products go hand in hand with the “printing kit” already present in our promo code. Log in to the site.
Needless to say, the start of the school year is off to a great start!

Next session before the resumption!

Due to the holiday period, the date of our next session has been moved to August 31. The times and location remain unchanged.
New toys have arrived during the summer and also a throat padlock with a cross-sectional view, you too do not hesitate to offer the association toys that you want to benefit as many people as possible; The ACF is a platform for exchange and sharing at your service, it’s up to you to make it live.

Join! Join! And register for the ACF OPEN DAY of course!

The 2018 season starts this September 1st so remember to register or re-register!

The AFC Open Day will start a little earlier than previously announced, so we will be able to attend more conferences, so from noon members are invited to join our friendship pot in our Paris offices.

The ACF OPEN DAY opens its doors from 2pm
to start the contest at 2:30pm, be on time and above all be numerous!

Remember to register because places are limited!

                                                                                                                        The ACF team

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