ACF Festival 2017

Why the 2017 ACF Festival?

Since the creation of the ACF lockpickers can meet in the first France lockpicking room in Paris. Attendance is growing and we wanted to organize an event to bring together enthusiasts from all around France: the 2017 ACF Festival!

Lockpicking has no borders and it is first through a discussion forum that most of its members meet. With the development of the Parisian chapter we desire to provoke meetings to share our passion with other fans!

Quickly the idea of a championship stood out. To offer a program to all we included conferences. The competitive instincts of some were complemented by the thirst for curiosity of others, giving to this day an unexpected mix!

On the program of the 2017 ACF Festival

That day started around a convivial meal to meet and get to know each others. This was the first time for many that they had the opportunity to meet other enthusiasts of lockpicking.

Time passed very quickly and it was already behind schedule that the lockpicking competition started in a surprisingly light atmosphere. We could have expected a studious atmosphere, dominated by the spirit of competition but in fact not at all! Between each rounds competitors advise their counterparts and play with the resistance of the first victims of the tournament. And it will take less than 5 seconds for some to make their first rotors turn!

The best players continue with a second round. We have felt a small dose of concentration and the final decided between the champion of France “BilLock”, followed by “Cocolitos” and “Bertrand” in third position!

The prizes were awarded at the will of the winners in order of arrival. So 3 sets of tools complete 3 sets of cylinders, offered by our sponsors “Decayeux“, “Sparrows“, “OFC” et “Medeco“. We thank them warmly!

2017 festival
2017 festival
2017 festival

A total of nearly thirty people came to attend the event. Then the event continued with less people with a first conference on cybersecurity. As we can see, there was something for all audiences…

After having eaten a dinner, we had on the menu of conferences:

2017 festival


We learned a lot from it! For this we thank the speakers who played the game by transmitting their knowledge, whether we are novice or more experienced everyone has benefited greatly.

The atmosphere was there, the press also Néon Magazine wrote an article about it. And once again we found that there is no typical profile. Curious, manuals, magicians or handymen, people come from all walks of life!

It is true that security professionals are people that are often found. As are puzzle enthusiasts also. But it is really a hobby that reveals a good mixing of people.

In short, it is a great success as much in the quality of the event as in the richness of the meetings themselves.

And as if all this were not enough, we must add to this success the participation of our sponsors “Medeco” and “Decayeux“, because if “Sparrows” and “OFC” have also allowed us to offer quality prizes to the winners, it is not common for cylinder manufacturers to accompany us in our passion!

These are four brands with which we want to move forward and continue to develop our environment to offer you even more beautiful moments!

Come to the next Festivals

It’s very easy! It is not necessary to be an ACF member to register for the festival, you just have to book your place.

Otherwise to take full advantage of the association you just have to fill the registration form to become a member.

And to prepare you for the 2018 festival it’s here: because we are already preparing the next one!

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