2018 Festival

On the program of this 2018 Festival

For its second edition, the ACF 2018 festival has once again made a hit! On the conference program, lockpicking with friends and passionate and fierce lockpicking contest. A look back at this wildly successful day.

The festival started at 10am with a lockpicking initiation session which brought together 36 people. The room was full and neophytes were able to realize their first Openings in a joyful hubbub.

This session lasted a little more than 2 hours and after a very nice meal break we were able to start the long-awaited lockpicking contest.

This year again, there were nice prizes to win and we would like once again to thank our partners and sponsors who provided the awards: OuvertureFine.Com, Sparrows, Decayeux, Seucom-Medeco and Multipick.

festival 2018

The lockpicking contest

As for the previous edition, there were big people to compete around the cylinders: BilLock, Cocolitos, BisBis, Cinok, Tristan, Bertrand (special mention to him for the fastest opening of the day: 11 seconds!) and even a Dutch competitor since Walter Belgers, the president of TOOOL Holland gave us the pleasure of travelling to participate in the competition.

A big thank to him for coming the arms full of gifts!

2018 festival

The level had been raised for this day. It took a lot of technique for our three finalists to reach the final podium.
This year it was again BilLock who won the contest. That makes him the one and only double champion of lockpicking in France! Congratulations again, he impressed us with some record opening times!


Once the competition was over, it was time to move on to the conferences, four this year. We had the will to vary the themes and level of accessibility for everybody:

  • Tristan gave us a very nice presentation on the standards and labels supposed to guarantee the level of safety of an installation and their subjectivity, supported by demonstrations.
  • Fabien presented 15 different ways to open the Dény locks, ranging from impressioning to the use of a toilet broom!
  • Coco made an unprecedented demonstration of F3D opening.

Following these conferences, we shared a last convivial moment around a drink, all proud of this day and eager to put it back next year!

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