Impressioning or auto-impressioning?

This technique is based on the same principle as impressionning, except that the process is done by itself, hence the principle of auto-impressionning.

There are numerous sensitive systems to this method, but precision is sometimes required. Here is an example on an entry-level radial cylinder.

Auto-impressionning is piece of cake!

First of all, you must have an “insert” with a handle, it must have the same shape as the key entry in order to be held in the barrel. Here the cylinder is fixed in a vice to lend itself to the exercise:

Once the insert is introduced, the auto-impressionning material is added, here it is a thin sheet of aluminum. When the pins press on the aluminum it will deform and let the combination form.

Aluminum, like a whole range of other materials, is strong enough to hold the pins down. But it is far too flexible to resist the sinking of the pins when they constrain it.

This is why a “diver” is used to help the aluminum being slided along the insert:

auto impressioning

Now all that remains is to proceed to auto-impressioning:

And in a few seconds you get the opening!

Here is the auto-impressionning tool once it has been removed:

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Greg and Fabien

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