Open House 2019

On the program of this Open House 2019

To end this year, the Association des Crocheteurs de France held its event Open House 2019 at the café la Trockette to welcome its members and visitors to share our passion!

This is an important moment for the association that allows us to discover our passion through demonstrations. It allows us to explain security vulnerabilities through conferences.
It is also an opportunity to meet other members and for the curious to discover a world a little special.
On the program we had the “Cube of the challenge” containing lots of prizes, conferences on the opening approach by sensing and combinatorial powers. And as always, thousands of toys available and even a handcuffs” workshop.

Our members and all ACF volunteers would like to thank all those who made this good time possible.

We hope to see you all again next year!

portes ouvertes 2019 open house 2019

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