News on your site:

Because the site needed it and we continue to evolve, we have reviewed the members area of the site, and because we like to offer interesting content to our members by connecting you will discover two new articles reserved for members of the association.

We have already written new articles, one deals with a method of opening by manual decoding, another deals with reverse engineering, other articles will further enrich the site.

We will continue and produce more articles on “unconventional” methods soon. These articles are (and will remain) in access reserved for members, they are only visible once connected to the site, do not wait any longer to read them!

New in your site:

The ACF is based on a small number of volunteers as you know, so the proper functioning of the association is done at the pace of our capacity and it is with pleasure that we announce that we have automated the tasks related to the membership process of the association. So the person who takes care of it does not have to do technique. Everything is therefore much faster and much more efficient!

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