ACF Festival 2021

Two contests for the 2021 festival

To end the year 2021, the ACF held its lockpicking and impressioning festival on December 18, 2021!

For this third opus, 2 different competitions, the first and unavoidable lockpicking contest that we no longer present, and the second contest on the impressioning technique!

The morning began with discovery workshops, we could get our hands on the use of bump keys and pick guns. We also could use of opening kits to open high-end security or discover a technique to decode the Dény. All supervised by volunteers of the association, Stéphane, Yann and Catherine who we warmly thank.
So of course, these techniques are not revolutionary, but it is necessary for all levels. And this time of exchange allowed us to try tools like opening kits with non beginners.

For those who were already fond of beautiful mechanics and the challenge that goes with it was possible to try the lockpicking of a DOM Diamond cylinder, a DOM IX-Twinstar and a Medeco (mounted the american way), the winner won a magnificent one with its keys and its property card.
It was still necessary to succeed in opening them!
The ACF warmly thanks the brands that played the game by participating in the event. We needed good cylinders to enhance the challenges. Thanks to these high-end cylinders, the experts of lockpicking could express their talents.

At the end of the morning, when the time is not yet for competition, enthusiasts feast and other competitors join them. Soon it will be the beginning of the competitions that will last a good part of the afternoon.

The lockpicking contest

Some had been preparing for several months. What is certain is that this event had been expected for two years. It could not be organized the previous two years due to health restrictions.
It is now the beginning of the competitions and the candidates will compete with their best lockpicking tools.
The contest starts on a simple model, but demarcations are made to the times. So the challenge is much tougher than the “level” of the toys. It is sometimes in just a few seconds that the most experienced lockpickers manage to overcome their cylinders.
This first round, in three steps, allows to record openings and to increase in difficulty for the second round, also in three steps but on a cylinder already more difficult.
For the last lap the finalists face DOM RS Sigma, always at the best time according to the stopwatch, with Walter followed by Cinok and Nitiflor on the podium!

festival 2021
festival 2021
festival 2021

The impressioning contest

With these three new champions, the day continues with the impressioning contest, by the way the first in France, which has almost the same number of participants. This makes us happy because the organization has bet on success on this day and it is mission accomplished for this 2021 festival.

The impressioning contest is also organized in three rounds with three steps each on different targets each time. The best ones opened in times similar to the average opening times of the previous competition. Some impressioned their first cylinder on this occasion, as you have to get started, and leave at the right time because every second counts.

It is also a few seconds that will make the difference during these three steps, and an error of announcement.
The finalists’ podium:

2021 festival
2021 festival
2021 festival

A small panel of the prizes that the winners pocketed thanks to the sponsors who allowed the event to exist!
Thanks to LEXFO, Medeco, Multipick, OFC and DOM !

The busy program allowed those who could stay until the end to enjoy this day, but let’s hope that next year we will be able to offer such a nice and varied schedule with such good sponsors and enthusiasts at the meeting!

Photo credits: Alexis, Fab, Fredo, Coink

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