Soon our birthday

This Saturday, March 30, 2024 La Ressourcerie and all the antennas it created celebrated its 18th birthday and we were invited.
For 8 years already, our association meets monthly in the Parisian premises of the ACF, graciously made available by La Ressourcerie. It was also an opportunity to celebrate the success of the associative model. Congratulations to the entire La Ressourcerie team for the organization.

Lockpicking workshop

In a festive atmosphere as we do not see often enough, the ACF proposed this time a workshop about lockpicking and decoding. Everyone knows about lockpicking, but decoding? It is about knowing how to make the key once the cylinder is picked.

Decoding with Lishi

Lockpicking was done by means of a special, guided tool, called “Lishi” (from the name of its creator, nothing to do with the fruit). This tool allows once opened to decode the combination to be able to make the key.

90% opening rate

Il y avait énormément de monde, les places étant limitées l’attente était parfois de 5 à 10 minutes. Mais ça valait la peine de patienter on vous rassure. Tout le monde y a trouver sa place, petits et grands.

There were a lot of people, places being limited the wait was sometimes 5 to 10 minutes. But it was worth it to wait, we reassure you. Everyone finds their place, young and old.

Lockpicking with Lishi

This workshop and this atmosphere remind us that the ACF is almost 10 years old! We are very likely to prepare something… So get ready and come find us.

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