Below as acknowledgements is the list of all those who have helped us, in one way or another. Without them our association would not be what it is today.

  • The Maison Des Associations du 11ème arrondissement de Paris both for its valuable advice and for the trust it has placed in us from the beginning. The Carrefour des Associations Parisiennes, for its advice and mobilization.
  • The Council of the 11th arrondissement of Paris, for the provision of stands during workshops.
  • Raoul, Ronald, Robin, Fabien and Maïna for their role on the Board of Directors.
  • MrJack, for his donation of equipment and advice. Nuby, titou, supercureuil, sorroww, Fredo, Martin, David, Reps, Cinok, BuboBubo, Maïna, Elsa, William, Bertrand, Denis, bémol, Nico, Nitiflor and Catherine.
  • The Ressourceries de Paris and TOOOL be for their various contributions.
  • The company, the company Serrurerie Equipement Formation for its donation of equipment as well as “PRO-TEC SERVICES” and “Au P’ti CLOU” for their donations of toys.
  • The companies Sparrows, Decayeux, Multipick, DOM Metalux and Medeco but also Lexfo for their sponsorship at festivals.
  • And finally, our acknowledgements go to all those who have made it possible to move the association forward!
acknowledgements for the openings