Membership info and fee schedule

Why is there a fee for membership?

For two reasons. The first being that an association law 1901 generates some costs of creation and operation (rental of rooms, website, insurance …). The second relates to the purchase of equipment and tickets for certain events, such as the end-of-year festival… The funds released by the pooling of contributions make it possible to increase the equipment made available and to make accessible the use of expensive tools so that the association is strengthened each year a little more. The ACF aims to create a meeting room in the 5 largest cities of France at the request of its members. In order not to go out of business, we have made sure that this annual fee is as low as possible while keeping the association’s accounts afloat.

Details of rates:

Basic membership:

It includes:

  • The membership card. Essential to be able to attend meetings and events organized by the ACF.
  • Access to the ACF forum and the ACF site (the site contains some videos and articles in view reserved for members.
  • Newsletters.
  • Access to events (some workshops are limited in number of places, so reserved for members only).
  • Access to conferences and workshops.
  • Access to promo codes (equipment, events… )
  • Single access to the rooms for 3 € in addition to the Open Days.

Premium membership:

It includes:

  • All the services of the basic tariff.
  • Unlimited access to ACF rooms on available slots.
  • This includes the possibility of using all the material made available by the ACF.
  • Possibility to borrow 5 toys of your choice between two meetings (depending on our stock, this quota may increase and is intended to increase).

Price list:

  • Annual “base” rate: 15€
  • Annual “premium” rate: 35€ the first year. 30€ the following years.

(to go from “basic” to “premium” you just have to pay the difference) Join us.