About the ACF


The Association des Crocheteurs de France (French Lockpickers Society) is an association of law 1901 founded in spring 2016 by two professional locksmiths, enthusiasts of fine openness. This leisure activity consists of the opening of locks of all kinds, padlocks and other closing systems, thanks to non-destructive techniques.

The Association des Crocheteurs de France * aims to make known this activity, organize convivial and playful meetings and make available material and any other advantages to improve the practice of our passion.


Who are we?

Lovers of fine openness, met through the indispensable forum Locksport.

Why this association?

Although the idea of an association already appears in the threads of discussions Locksport since 2009, the setting up of the state of emergency fin 2015, has made us ask ourselves about the image that our passion could have with the institutions and the powers Public.

Formed by two professional locksmiths passionate about fine opening the Association of the crocheters of France was created in order to give a face to this practice.

The desire to publicize our activity, to organize convivial and playful meetings to the seal of a structure that meets our expectations has created this association.

Goals and Objectives:

_ Highlight the ethics specific to the practice of our passion.
_ Acquire recognition and legitimacy from the institutions and our future members.
_ Provide members with an infrastructure, equipment and a friendly framework based on sharing.
Be able to exchange with other associations on an international scale.
_ Wear the colors of the ACF at international meetings.

Hoping that you will find your happiness in our home!

* The Association is pleased to welcome non-French comrades.