Locksport forum

About the lockpicking forum Locksport.fr

To share our passion with other enthusiasts, the Association des Crocheteurs de France is pleased to announce the reopening of the Locksport forum with other great enthusiasts of the Lockpicking.

The Locksport.fr forum is for all lockpicking enthusiasts whatever their level, so sub-forums become accessible as members evolve. The higher you go in the levels, the more the techniques become evolved!

Several levels

This lockpicking forum for all crocheting enthusiasts also welcomes locksmith professionals and has a sub-forum reserved for pros.

That way, professionals can exchange tips and questions about locksmithing. Whether in building, installation or vehicle opening and receive advice from their colleagues.

Before climbing the levels of the forum it is necessary to know the basics of fine opening. Many sections share tutorials and tips to understand the mechanisms but also the techniques of lockpicking.

locksport forum

You will find a lot of information that go far beyond “simple lockpicking“, such as key impressioning, decoding techniques, etc.

But of course, like any good friendly forum you will find a very rich “humor” subforum!

locksport forum

Want to know more about a particular technique(s)? Want to exchange beyond the monthly meetings?
The ACF invites you to join the Locksport forum. Founded and animated by enthusiasts of lockpicking, the ACF even has its own sub-forum dedicated to it.