Press review

This press review provides access to a number of testimonials, press articles and interviews about us.

If you wish to make a site appear or create a link in relation to our activity, contact us and we can make you appear in this press review.


Logo journal Le Monde pour revue de presse

The newspaper Le Monde asked us to assess the strength of high-end bicycle locks. We enjoyed the exercise. Check out the results and read this article.


Logo Néo

While preparing for our 2022 Lockpick Festival, Néo TV came to made an interview that you can watch here (also available on the Néo TV website):


Logo Néon Magazine pour revue de presse

Thanks to Néon magazine for having covered our very first lockpicking festival! Here is the article.


La Trockette

programme La Trockette octobre 2017 pour revue de presse

For the second time we appear in the program of La Trockette and this time we give a public conference on by-passes, followed by a workshop.

Magicus Magazine

Magicus Magazine cover for press review

A big thanks to Gérard Kunian for this report in Magicus Magazine, written for another fascinating audience!

Newspaper of the Fédération Nationale des Serruriers Belges

On the occasion of the first lockpicking festival in France, the newspaper of the Fédération Nationale des Serruriers Belges (National Federation of Belgian Locksmiths) is honoring us with this article.


Zataz Magazine

Logo Zataz for the press review

With barely 4 months of existence, our association begins the fight for the recognition of our passion with Zataz Magazine.


Korben for press review

The ACF was at the Nuit du Hack 2016. We held a stand throughout the event. We have thus contributed to the awareness on anti-intrusion security through fun workshops on several different systems.