ACF Rules of Procedure

Rules of procedure of the Association of France Crocheters,

Adopted by the General Assembly of 20/02/2016

Article 1 – Approval of new members.

1. The person wishing to join must sign the Internal Regulations, the Charter of Good Conduct, provide an extract from Criminal Record No. 3 and a copy of the National Identity Card and have paid his contribution.
2. It is approved by the office.
3. He must be of age or minor accompanied by parents or legal representatives
4. All persons convicted of theft, burglary, or break-in are not eligible for registration.

Article 2 – Resignation – Exclusion – Death of a member.

1. The resignation must be addressed to the office by registered letter. It does not have to be motivated by the resigning member.
2. As stated in Article 8 of the Statutes, the exclusion of a member may be pronounced by the Council, for serious reasons. In particular, the following are deemed to constitute serious reasons:
-Any physical, verbal or written attack on one or more members of the association.
-A criminal conviction for felony and misdemeanour.
-Any action likely to harm, directly or indirectly, the activities of the association or its reputation.
-Any object or material borrowed and not returned on time without validated explanation.
In any event, the person concerned has two weeks to submit his defence by post, prior to the exclusion decision, which must be issued at least two weeks after receipt of the defence.
The exclusion decision shall be adopted by the Council acting by a majority plus one vote of the members present or, failing that, by the Bureau.
3. In the event of the death of a member, heirs or legatees cannot claim any retention in the association.
4. Striking off for non-payment of dues may be pronounced by the Bureau.

The contribution paid to the association is definitively acquired, even in the event of resignation, exclusion, or death of a member during the year.
Article 3 – Amount of contributions.

The amount of the dues is fixed by the council, which may be reviewed annually.

Article 4 – General meetings – Voting procedures.

1. Votes of the members present:
The members present shall vote by show of hands.
2. Proxy voting:
As indicated in article 11 of the statutes, if a member of the association cannot personally attend a meeting, he may be represented by a representative under the conditions indicated in the said article.
3. All deliberations shall be taken by show of hands, except the election of the members of the council.

Article 5 – Reimbursement indemnities.

Only directors and/or elected members of the Bureau may claim reimbursement of expenses incurred in the course of their duties and upon justification.
Article 6 – Amendment of the rules of procedure.

These rules of procedure may be amended by the Board or by the ordinary general meeting by a majority of the members.

Article 7- Access to the rooms.

Members who have subscribed to the “premium” membership have access to crocheting meeting rooms wherever they are. Members who have subscribed to the “basic” membership can access the room of their choice 2 times. For non-members the entrance fee is set at 5 euros per person per day. Members are responsible for tidying up, cleaning and maintaining the room.

Article 8- Loan of equipment.

The loan of equipment is free and for a maximum period of one month except in the case of “test” as part of a subject or contract. The loan may be subject to a security deposit. Any object not returned to the association within the time will result in the receipt of the deposit and may result in the exclusion of the member as stipulated in Article 2.

Article 9- Representatives of the association.

Only members of the Board of Directors are authorized to speak on behalf of the Association des Crocheteurs de France and to represent it. The Board of Directors reserves the right to appoint regional representatives.

Article 10- Ethics.

The association law 1901, Association of Crocheters of France also called ACF is governed by the laws of the French Republic, it wants to be apolitical and has for vocation only the exchange and sharing, between enthusiasts and professionals, locks and mechanisms. The association reserves the right to bring a civil action against a member who has committed a proven criminal act for theft, burglary, or break-in or who has harmed in any way the association or one of its members.